Creating internet solutions since the nineties

Who am I?

I am a computer engineer from the Isle of Man and have been working in the ISP arena since 1999.

Having been with my current employer Domicilium (IOM) Ltd since 2004 I enjoy the many varied aspects of the job and the tasks given to me.

In my spare time, I like to fix vintage computers. I have a collection of Apple Macintosh hardware as well as several Commodore Amigas. You can read more about that here.


Working for service providers since fifteen, I have built a solid foundation in networked computer systems. I have experience with desktop and server-based operating systems such as Novell Netware, Windows NT and Unix.

In 1999 I helped build an ISP with a colleague in my spare time. I transferred full-time to the ISP which gave me in-depth exposure to IP and core ISP services such as DNS and SMTP.

I have skills relevant to the current versions of Microsoft IIS, Apache, NGINX and SQL. As well as firewall and VPN technologies.

This site is hosted on my own private cloud using the popular KVM Linux hypervisor.